Katrien de Blauwer

I do not want to disappear silently into the night

Soft cover/swiss binding

size: 24 x 17 cm | Pages:  178

Paper: Fedrigoni Arcoprint Milk White 300 gsm, Symbol Tatami White 115 gsm, Munken Print White 90 gsm

Collages and words-collages:

Katrien de Blauwer

Texts/Sources: Michelangelo Antonioni Concept/editing: Giuliana Prucca

Graphic design: Vito Raimondi

22 bw/118 colour plates, English

Publication date:

September 2014


AVARIE - Artbooks Vuoti A Rendere International Edition

40 euros

ISBN 978-2-9541974-1-8

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Alessandro Calabrese


First Edition

200 copies

numbered and signed from 21 to 200

Bodonian hardback handmade stamped

80 pages

15 cm x 18,5 cm

Indigo printed on Fedrigroni Arcoprint

Publication date: February 2014

ISBN 978-88-7326-226-8



1 copy available

Eco e Narciso

Sette piccoli cieli / 7°Ling8

a cura di Maurizio Cilli e Rebecca De Marchi

Edition of 800

The box set includes:

Il richiedente

88 pages

12cm x 17cm

Introduzione/Pratiche di conoscenza al largo di Torino/Emergenza nord Africa:una breve cronistoria

16 pages

12cm x 17cm


map>> closed: 12cm x 17cm / open 48cm x 68cm

Publication date: January 2014