Nopx artist’s book contest / 2015

is free participation competition and all books submitted will be included in an online archive.

The aim is both to promote artist's books and to encourage its participation to exhibitions and shows, facilitating the research on and the making of artist’s books.

News for the third edition of the competition

The artist’s book phenomenon is an artistic trend that has known an amazing boom in the past decade. It by-passes the editorial circuits and does not only offer pictures to look at, but it also presents the book as an artistic media in itself, as an instrument of artistic exploration.

Since these objects are produced in very few copies, they are rapidly sold out and this catches the attention of many collectors.

Considering this, we started to think about the idea of creating a library.

Our aim is to create a public collection so that anybody can have a look at these publications, whether they are sold out or not. We want to give these objects visibility, make them last in time and make them reachable to anyone. We would also like to offer a distribution mode that give room to the physical qualities of the book as an object: fairs, exhibitions, festivals.

Competition Rules

Art. 1 - Purpose

The aim of the competition is to promote artist's books, self-published photobooks, photozines, fanzines and any DIY printed matter, to encourage participation in terms of making and exhibiting/showing/facilitating research.

15 artists, selected by the jury, will take part to a group exhibition in NOPX and the winning project will be produced by NOPX.

Art. 2 - Eligible Participants

No specific qualifications are required from the artists to apply. The Competition is addressed to any artist or group of artists, professional or not, Italians or foreigners, that are at least 18 years.

Art. 3 - Eligible Artworks

Each artist or group of artists can apply with just one book project. Subject, shape, size, materials and technique of the book are up to the artist and not restricted by any condition. The book project must not have been already awarded a prize or mentioned in any previous competition at the time of the application.

Art. 4 - Terms and Instructions for the Application

The projects and the documentation of the work must be submitted by the participants at the competition within April the 30th, 2015.

To submit a publication:

1_ download the application from www.nopx.it, fully completed and signed.

2_ the publication has to be independent / self-published


The participation to this Competition implies the unconditional and without restriction acceptance for the artist of this regulations by signing the application form downloadable from the site www.nopx.it.

The promoters of the competition may revoke or amend the Implementing Rules of the Competition, by giving prior notice to participants. The artist claimed to be aware that the entry to this competition, if incomplete and / or inconsistent with this Regulation, will cause automatic exclusion from the Competition.


The artist guarantees ownership and the full availability of the art work and exclusive ownership of all rights inherent, including the right of publication, reproduction and economic exploitation. The artist warrants that the work proposed for participation in the Competition does not violate, directly or indirectly, any right of ownership of third parties, and claimed to be aware that the work would be excluded from the competition when it proves made in violation of the rights of others. The artist claims to be entirely responsible for the transmitted content of visual and textual material relative to the work. The artist agrees to hold the promoters of the Competition free from any claim that might be submitted by other competitors participating in the Contest and / or third parties with reference to his/her work, including claims for damages, in relation to and / or its reproduction, publication and / or economic exploitation.

The artist claims to absolve the promoters from any liability arising from the use to which others may make of these materials. The artist gives to all the promoters free of charge rights of reproduction and publication of the images, and works of visual and textual materials sent to the Competition, which will be used, for example, for offline and online promotion and storage. The artist gives free of charge to each of the promoters the right to use the work for purposes of business communication and promotion of its services in the future. The artist warrants that for the duration of the contest will not be presented their work in other competitions or exhibitions of any kind, nor will be disclosed to the public.

Art.7_Privacy policy

The artists participating to the competition say they are aware of article.13 of Italian law. June 30, 2003 n. 196 relative to the processing of personal data, information and images that are acquired by the promoters in this competition for the purposes and activities related to the conduct of the Contest, including the organization of exhibitions and the publication on site www.nopx.it. The artist entered in the contest, expressly authorizes the promoters and its direct delegates, to the personal data also for inclusion in databases and website. The artist retains control, the existence and the processing of personal data concerning them, the rights under Art. 7 of that decree.

Art.8_Jury and winners selection

The jury will select the winner and 15 artists for the final exhibition.

The selection of the winner/s will be published on the site www.nopx.it.

Your projects will be judged  by industrial professional:

_Akina Books / Alex Bocchetto and Valentina Abenavoli:


_Roberto Maria Clemente: http://www.bellissimoandthebeast.it/

_Sergio Zavattieri: http://www.sergiozavattieri.com/

_Roberto Padovano: http://www.mclgraphic.it/

_Gigliola Foschi: http://www.photographers.it/free/gigliolafoschi/


The exhibition will be curated by NOPX, in collaboration with the jury.

The layout and construction of the exhibition will be carried out in complete autonomy by the promoters. The artist claims to be aware that remains full and exclusive right of the promoters to make a final decision on the organization of the exhibition and related activities to promote competition and exhibitions themselves. Any insurance on works during the exhibition and during transport shall be borne by the artists. Notwithstanding the good faith of NOPX taking care of works at their best during the exhibition, with the inscription, artists accept their own responsibility for theft and / or loss and / or damage to the works for the entire period necessary for the Competition performance, including shipping and handling.

Only the winning project will be produced by NOPX.

All selected works shall be sold by the promoters at a price to be agreed with the individual authors of each artists work.

The promoters reserve the right to discuss and accept or reject such requests. The exhibition will open to the public on the opening day on dates to be determined and will remain open during the time prescribed by the promoters during the hours and days established by NOPX exhibition space in Turin. The exhibition will open with a party at which participant artists, members of the jury, collectors, journalists, other professionals and art lovers, friends and humanity varies will be invited.

Art.10_Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

The Contest is governed by Italian law and any dispute shall be brought to the Court of Turin (Italy).

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