Akos Czigany

Skies, omaggio a Hiroshi Sugimoto

After two years the Hungarian  artist Akos Czigany comes back in Italy presenting Skies at NOPX. This is a work in progress made of more than 50 shots,  a tribute to Hiroshi Sugimoto and, in particular, to the images of the American theaters and cinemas that the Japanese artist took between the '70s and '90s. Skies, which won the Hervé Prize 2010 and the Leica Gallery Prize in 2011, evokes the work of Sugimoto through photographs of white skies, seen from the courtyards of the old buildings in Budapest, and framed by buildings that, although marginal, paradoxically, become the center itself, the true focus of the work.

In perfect continuity with his previous work,  Darwin Online, Czigany continues his variations on the theme of absence, which becomes a concrete presence, almost a material presence.

The sky is forced into a clean, clear, colorless geometry and creates a strong contrasts with the decoration of the surrounding buildings, buildings where apparently no one lives and no one, perhaps, has ever lived. The repetition of images, always the same and always different, becomes a sort of diary of an impossible journey through a deserted and uninhabited city, in which only the sky is always the same.

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